Brew Chez Nous

18 Hamilton St., Shediac, NB (506) 533-9466

U-Vint services

Choose your kit.


Our friendly staff will assist you to find the perfect kit for your taste & budget.  You will enjoy a great selection of kits with our house brand, BCN kits, RJS brands, Winexpert and more.

Let us craft your wine.


Our passionate employees are meticulously trained to offer premium conditions and care for your wines.  Our fermenting room is temperature and bacteria controlled at all times to ensure a quality product.  We stand by our wines, that's a personal. garantee

Bottle day & Enjoy!


When bottling time comes, you will assist us and see how much we loved making your wines.  We can bottle in bottles or in 5L bags.  Before you know it, you are on your way with your wines to enjoy with friends and family!